It is the vision of The Old Fitz Theater to continue the craft of the theater arts. That is why it is our mission to encourage the children and youth to engage in the performing arts. We do this by performing in small plays in their communities then we invite them to join us. That way, their interests are stimulated and they know what they are getting themselves into. 

 The Old Fitz Theater

Our organization coordinates with community leaders and youth groups for referrals and those who want to join our acting workshops. These sessions are done over the summer so that the children and youth can engage themselves in worthwhile activities while on school vacation. The workshops are facilitated by our seasoned acting coaches who have spent years, if not decades, in the theater industry. The students are taught and encouraged to hone their acting, singing, and dancing skills. They have a culminating activity at the end of the workshop where they themselves star in the play and run the productions. This has always been a fulfilling part of our community outreach program.

Aside from performing onstage, this endeavor hopes to help develop the talents and confidence of our young minds. They also learn about the value of hard work, building rapport, and camaraderie among their co-actors, and discipline. We are proud to say that our community endeavors have produced such talented artists and performers that we have today like Claudette Clarke, Deborah Galanos, Jonny Hawkins, David Helman, Sam Marques, Bardiya McKinnon, Diana Popovska, Hanah Raven, Sebastian Robinson, and Zoe Terakes. Seeing their success in the theater industry now, our resolve is strengthened to continue our efforts to hone the talents of the young.

If you would want us to work with you, feel free to send us a message so we can make arrangements. It is our way of giving back to the communities and making sure that the artistry of theater acting and performances lives on.