Adaptation of the famous Miss Saigon musical

The Old Fitz Theater

when our school decided to have our own adaptation of the famous Miss Saigon musical. At first, I did not know what the play was all about but apparently, it was a big thing as the school was abuzz with excitement. Many wanted to try out for all the roles, major or minor ones. There were tears of joy for those who were selected and tears of disappointment for those who did not make it to the final cast. I was chosen to be a part of the choral group that would sing during one part of the show. This gave me an opportunity to witness the actual hardships that actors and actresses went through during rehearsals and on the days that the show was running. I also developed a deep appreciation for those people working behind the scenes. I was amazed at the props that they were able to come up with despite the limited budget. Those assigned to the sounds and other technical details stood up to the challenge too. They were very resourceful and creative. Other people think the show relies on the actors and actresses but really, it is the teamwork that makes a show great. Without the hardworking people behind the scenes, there would be no props, sounds, and other important details that make the show exciting and entertaining. Of course, the thespians also have a crucial role in making the show a success. Their ability to evoke emotions and reactions from the audience is truly a remarkable talent.

That experience left a big mark in my heart and my mind even at a young age. I started to love the theater and dream to one day be on the stage and perform the greatest performance of my life.