Garage Door Repair Problems

Malfunctioned garage door is very common in today’s’ world. There are plenty of problems that can happen and having one of these can cause garage door failure. A non-working garage door can be frustrating and dangerous to the car and your family. Some garage door problems can be easily prevented with the help of general garage door maintenance. Professional garage door services may be required if the garage door was neglected for too long. If you want to troubleshoot garage door problems on your own, you will have to learn more about common garage door problems. As always, if you don’t know how to fix a garage door, a professional technician should be hired to handle the non-functional garage door.

Squeaking garage door: For a while, the garage door may wiggle from side to side while opening and closing. It always goes up and down unevenly. In this situation, garage door tracks should be inspected for debris. These tracks should be kept clean to allow the rollers to move smoothly. However, if the tracks look fine and free from obstructions, you will have to double-check the springs which are mounted on either side of the garage door. These springs should have the required amount of stretch. They should not be loose or worn out. Another common problem is with an electric garage door opener which may have burned motor. It should be replaced quickly.

Stuck garage door: As with the squeaking garage door problems, this problem could also be caused by the accumulated dirt and grease in the tracks. Once the tracks got free of obstruction, it is important to lubricate all the moving parts which move along the tracks. It is essential to say that weather conditions play an important role in the requirement of lubrication throughout the year. If the cleaning and lubrication do not work, check the cables and springs to verify their working conditions. Your garage door should be hung evenly, if it does not, a professional garage door expert should be contacted.

Garage door remote fails to work: Eventually, the garage door opener will malfunction. The first step to fix the problem is to check the batteries to ensure that they have enough power and the device is properly plugged in. it is also essential to make sure that the wires to the sensor are in good working order. If all the tricks fail to make the opener functional, it is the right time to replace the garage door opener.

Garage door falls: It is rapid and uncontrolled action. It normally happens when spring has been broke suddenly. Make sure that the garage door is closed completely before inspecting and fixing the garage door components as falling garage door can be dangerous to someone working around it. If you are not able to determine what is going wrong with the garage door mechanism, it is wise to call a famous and registered garage door repair company to do the fixes. DIY garage door repair work without proper skills and equipment can cause serious injuries and property damages.

A garage door repair work will need to be done quickly. Luckily, most of the garage door problems can be avoided by regular garage door maintenance. Some garage door problems will need professional and experienced garage door technicians with adequate knowledge and tools to do the job.