Metamorphoses is a play that tackles the issue of prostitution and how it affects the people involved.

The writer wants us to know more about the sex industry in the streets. The story aims to look beyond the obvious. What other factors push these people to do what they do aside from economic reasons? What dynamics are involved here? Who are the people that help perpetuate this kind of situation? The sex industry has become a phenomenon, moving from being merely a business into a multi-faceted sector. But the focus here is, particularly on male children. Whereas prostitution usually involves women and young girls, studies have shown that there is an alarming rate of increase in young boys providing sexual services. Their clients are homosexuals looking for entertainment, company or affection. This is the setting for our actors and actresses. They show us the reality even if the topic is very sensitive in nature. Even in these modern times, prostitution is still a taboo topic in most parts of the country. There are a lot of issues involved – moral, religious, human rights, health, among others.

It is also challenging how to grasp the children’s concept of sex. The play tickles our minds to come up with indicators that will help us construe the value system that they have. Where did they get their definitions of sex? Who helped form their ideas? What can our laws do to protect these defenseless children? Especially if these children do not even know their rights or do not realize the severity of the situation that they are in? Moreover, what if these children willingly engage in the sex trade? Is there something that we can do about it? These are questions that they raise and ask us to answer as we go back to our homes and live our usual lives. This is a moving story brought to us by Director Dino Dimitriadis. It will be shown at The Old Fitz Theater and will run from February 8 to March 10. Show schedules are every Tuesdays to Sundays at exactly 8 pm, with matinee schedules starting at 2 pm on weekends.